A motorcycle accident is an unfortunate thing that can happen to any of us at any time. If you have had an accident then we can help.

We are experts at motorcycle accident claims and have the right personal injury lawyers with over 25 years’ experience of looking after motorcyclists injured in accidents on the road.

Our vast knowledge and experience means that we will be able to help you on every aspect of your claim. We will quickly analyse how the accident happened and apply our experience to tell you all about the legal aspects of your case. We encourage motorcyclists to contact us for free advice even if they believe they are at fault or even if their insurance company has told them this. Our initial advice is free so find out first.

Motorbike Accident Claims Process

When we have advised you on legal blame for the accident we will tell you what you can claim and how to go about it. We are bikers and know how to make sure the repairs to your bike are done properly and how to recover the cost of your clothing and equipment that has been damaged. Loss of earnings and other financial loss will be claimed and of course if you have been injured we will help bring a claim for compensation and make sure you are examined by a skilled Doctor.

We can help with all types of motorcycle accident from the minor to the catastrophic and life changing. We have an unrivalled reputation for dealing with motorcycle accident claims and our aim in dealing with your claim is to make you so pleased with our service that you will recommend us to your friends, family and fellow bikers. We are proud to ask you to watch our client’s video testimonials.

Our clients tell us that following their accident they felt lost and worried as they had never made a claim before and had insurance companies trying to pressurise them into settling a claim or being passed to a claims company or solicitor. We aim to take all that worry and pressure away and will tell you all you want to know about the pitfalls and secrets of the injury claim process. Our testimonials show that our clients approve us.

As bikers ourselves our passion is to look after fellow bikers in the best way possible following an unexpected and often life changing accident and we guarantee to do this.