A bicycle accident is an unfortunate thing that can happen to any of us at any time. If you have had an accident then we can help.

There are more and more pedal cycles on the road now and this is to be welcomed for environmental and health reasons. As a cyclist however you are one of the most vulnerable of road users and should the worst happen we are here to help with every aspect of a claim for injury and losses. We are experts at Bicycle accident claims and have the right personal injury lawyers for you.

By the nature of cycling it is almost inevitable that you will have been injured in the accident. With over 25 years experience of two wheeled accident claims we have vast experience of dealing with situations just like yours and know how stressful a compensation claim can appear. We guarantee to make the process as easy as possible.

Bicycle Accident Claims Process

We will start by listening to you and your description of how the accident occurred. It is highly likely that we will have dealt with a claim just like yours and we can advise you on legal blame including cases where you have been thrown from your cycle due to a defective road surface.

After assessing the legal position following your accident we will tell you precisely what you claim will entail from financial loss to compensation for your injuries. We have decades of experience and have dealt with claims from a few thousand pounds to seven figure sums. Our aim which we guarantee to fulfil is to recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to and in such a way that you will recommend us to you friends and family should they ever need us. Our testimonials from real clients show that we achieve this goal.